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Respond to 2 peer initial discussion posts. Responses should be 50-100 words and include direct questions or feedback to the post.


I recently had an interesting experience at work, where I found myself essentially managing a project team, while at the time I didn’t really realize. I work as an intelligence analyst at a squadron where we were no longer allowed to support air crew the way we had for the last 10 years, which included individual, hands on support to single missions. This happened for a number of reasons mostly bureaucracy and manning requirements. Well the replacement construct was pretty much an ineffective disaster, keep in mind this drastic rewrite had to take place across three different shifts. Well me and two other people on my shift (10 or fewer members on a team) started messing around as we did our job with new ways to run the shift effectively (volunteer to be on the team). At this point I’m going to say that literally all the situational factors applied. We also have the first competent flight commander with leadership abilities who allowed us to walk into his office and bounce ideas, gripes, and concerns off of him at any time. These situational factors, answer to the project manager directly and a culture of honesty -“if its f***d its f***d – had a huge part of why the new construct we created was successful. Since we already operated as a team on my shift, we had already gotten the 5 phases out of the way through the course of the project. The backlash came when it was time to implement across shifts where you had more people involved who hadnt been involved in creating the new method. So it was essentially torn apart and put back together. The flight commander backed it whole heartedly, meaning the shift leads had to implement it. At this point the shifts all kind of went through a disconnected storming phase, in order to make the way we performed uniform across shifts. In the end the new construct held up, has been implemented and I would venture is operating better than how we have been doing intel support there for nearly a decade.


Fortunately, I have worked as an Orthopedic Physical Therapy Assistant/Clinical Research Coordinator, in which my boss was the program manager. So, I have been involved in the process of team development.When we meet as a group, the first thing established was what the research was about, and how to accomplish the goal, and what role each person will play according to their expertise, one thing we always knew was who was in charge (Orthopedic Surgeon), and PM.Of course, we mingled during the breaks getting to know one another, there was never a problem of conflict of who was in charge, working in a military facility brings a chain of command. Members were usually paired with someone who had similarities in their jobs or who would have to communicate with each other daily.We would always devise a plan on exactly what to do, and have face to face meeting to ensure we were on track.Most of our research involved one to five-years research time frame, that was contracted by an outside source, that paid for the research.My team is best described under the five-phase model, everything we did was detailed and specific with guidelines of certain transition points that had been previously identified.

Looking at the nine situational factors, I will say we always had less than ten team members, we had volunteers but at times certain individual were chosen due to their expertise.Members always served on project until the end unless they left the company, and if that were to happen someone either volunteered or someone was chosen. There were no part time team members, all worked full time and sometimes on different research projects.Members would report to project manager, but also had the authority to report to the contactor who is paying for the research, of course giving the PM’s notice prior contacting the contractor with reports that were due.Overall all nine aspects were covered, objective were reinnervated weekly.We were with in working distance of each other, and if not we all were at least in the same building of the hospital, which is very large.We conducted weekly meeting every Friday, and once a month with the contractor.

Meeting were conducted on time and effectively, the PM would always lead off informing us where we were at, and if there was any shortfall or changes in deadlines. Each member was given an opportunity to give a brief on exactly where they were with their specific task, and we always had a recorder taking minutes of the meeting.I wouldn’t make any changes, everything we did was effective, and time was used wisely. Meeting were changed if all staff members could not be there, and convened at a better time for all.

Overall we were very effective.

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