response paper 61

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Read chapter 4 (book on chegg)

Account for chegg:

Password :Ali1993

Read the two attached articles as well.

After reading, please follow theses instruction for the response paper.

  • Read Chapter Four of the du Pre textbook along with Walker & Walker’s “Unscripted Loss” and O’Rourke’s “What’s Wrong with Me.”
  • You must draw explicit references from both the book and the article. Cite appropriately.
  • How does the article demonstrate any of the concepts in du Pré or do you find a deviation from how they are represented?
    • Consider some of the themes brought up through class discussion
    • Compare and contrast the way textbook author du Pré describes an aspect of the patient experience and the way O’Rourke describes it specifically.
    • “Fill in the blanks” – what does du Pré discuss that O’Rourke doesn’t or what further information is provided in one account that isn’t provided in the other.
  • If you can think of an analogy from popular culture (such as film or television) or from your personal observations that connect to this concept, please include a brief reference.
  • Be sure to provide your personal commentary in this paper. Do not simply summarize.
  • Give your paper a creative title.
  • Organization counts – even in a brief paper, there should be some structure that guides the reader through your thinking: attention-getter, preview, transitions between paragraphs, a brief (1-2 sentence) summary conclusion.
  • Grammar and spelling count – you might choose a very interesting focus, but if I struggle through reading your description, you won’t receive a very strong grade. So be sure to proofread your paper or, even better, have someone else read it for clarity.
  • Be sure to fulfill the word count parameter of 750 words (approximately 2 pages)

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