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Response paper (4 pages)

Read chapter 2 The Broom Tree and chapter 4 The Twilight Beauty from “The Tale Genji”and answer each question in as much detail as possible, using textual passages, page numbers and your own critical analysis.

Question 1:

After Genji’s discussion with his courtier friends in “The Broom Tree” chapter we see Genji amorous adventure with a young woman who is married to the much older Iyo Deputy, who is away in the provinces for official duty. While he is away, the woman is staying at the house of her stepson, the Governor of Kii.

  • How does Genji meet this woman?

Question 2:

In “The Twilight Beauty” chapter, we meet Koremitsu, Genji’s closest friend. They are visiting Koremitsu’d mother, who was Genji’s wet-nurse and is now old and sick. At this occasion, Genji meets a young girl by the name of Yugao (“The Twilight Beauty”) who lives close by.

  • What category of woman, as discussed in the “Broom Tree” chapter, would Yugao fit into?
  • At the end of this chapter, Yugao is being killed by a “beautiful woman” What hints are in this chapter that it is Lady Rokujo who kills her?
  • What reason do the text gives for attacking her?
  • What hints do we have that Genji’s gets ill after Yugao’s death and why do you think he get ill?

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