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Respond to both posts 100 words or more with in text citation and references apa style


For my second point of discussion I would like to talk about how I believe that money does not “make” people happy. I believe that money is a necessary evil, those who possess small amounts of it want more of it, and those with lots of it want more of it. We all need it to maintain or improve our quality of life, but in many cases people become consumed with this notion that money makes a person happier. I personally do not believe that money is the reason for why people are happy, I just believe that it helps with conveniences. I know many people who are quite happy with their lives and content with what they have, and these people do not necessary have lots of money. In contrast I know individuals who are millionaires who are never satisfied, and because of that lack of satisfaction, they are not happy. I personally believe that I need to enjoy life now as it is, because although money does not grow on trees, I will make more of it.


Locus of control is the generalized expectancies of an individual’s beliefs about whether or not they can influence events (Larsen & Buss, 2013). Individuals who believe the outcome of an event solely depends on them have an internal locus of control. Individuals who believe the outcome of an event is out of their control have an external locus of control. Rather than being an either/or value, we see this belief of influence over a continuum (Mearns, 2016). I was able to observe this when I took a test to determine my locus of control at I scored a 6, which actually seemed accurate. I fully believe an individuals success in life is dependent on hard work and tenacity. I will, however, be heard saying, “It is what it is.” My son, who is 11, has a very bad habit of passing blame for negative events in his life. It’s never his fault. Unfortunately, the positive events in his life are always associated with his great abilities. His perspective on life is fairly black and white right now, which is something we’re working on.

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