research proposal 90

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Please follow the template below for the research proposal. Attached is the example of the said research proposal. Thank you.

Opening greeting,

The opening paragraph clearly states the purpose of this email: to persuade your professor to approve your research proposal.

The first body paragraph explains the research topic and its relevance to your field of study or academic interest.

The second body paragraph explains the research question you plan to answer and names the sources you’ve read or gathered for this question so far.

The third body paragraph provides a concise summary (80-100 words) of one of the sources you plan to use in your research project. It should also include a full APA @ Conestoga reference for that source.

The fourth body paragraph explains your plan for this research project — that is, how do you intend to break up the work into manageable units or stages, what internal timelines will you set for each stage, who you will ask you to help you proofread a draft, etc.

The closing paragraph clearly states your request for approval and/or raises questions or issues related to this project. Make sure you close with a direct request to proceed.

Complimentary close,
[student’s name]

================================= Don’t mind the proposal questions.

Proposal questions:

What are the effects of anorexiz nervosa to a persons health?

How do computer/video games affect the cognitive development of children?

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