Research Methods

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In this assignment, you will gain a deeper understanding of research methods and research designs as you devise a study and test out a hypothesis you have regarding human development.

Write a 700-word research proposal for your study where you:

  • Select one area in lifespan development that you would like to study further.
  • Identify a hypothesis about this area of development.
  • Identify the various research methods and research designs used to study human behavior.
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the research design and research method you have chosen to study your hypothesis.

For example, you can study how social development throughout the lifespan is affected by children born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). You may hypothesize that children with FAS will have difficulties with peer relationships throughout their life. To study this, you may use a longitudinal design. Describe this research design and discuss the various times throughout the lifespan you would study your participants. Also discuss how you might do this by describing the research method you would use (e.g., structured interviews, observations, and so on).

Note: You do not have to actually complete the research; just develop the research based on a research design and research method and discuss how this methodology will aid in testing the hypothesis you developed.

Format any citations in your research design according to APA guidelines.

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