research and identify a recent federal or state court case 2009 to current court documents only on gender discrimination

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1.Court cases website:…

steps.: Cases–> Civil Rights –>United states Supreme Court

NO secondary sources (i.e., news articles, web sources, briefs, videos, etc.).

2.Write a summary of the court case in your own words. Be sure to discuss the parties involved, facts of the case with issue presented, and ruling or judgment declared.

3.Explain how the results of the case influences society and discuss if the results of the case help solve or exacerbate social deviance using supporting:

policy on U.S. liberty, equality, and security and 2) policy related to issues of gender, sex, and sexuality.

4.Cite the case in ASA format at the end of your response and include a hyperlink to the source or a copy of the court document as an attachment

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