red bull imc assignment

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2 pages, double space

1. Identify all of the IMC (communication) elements on the RB website – Include all social media, blogs, RB TV, etc. Include other IMC elements as well – PR, events, sales promotions, direct marketing, Include a brief description of the IMC elements and media platform used (example: events might utilize RB TV, Facebook, and/or mainstream media).

2. What are the ‘communication objectives’ for these IMC elements and media vehicles? Awareness (inform)? education/knowledge? Persuasion (feelings, judgments, attitudes, intentions)? Engagement (get consumers involved, deepen brand commitment, build community with others, brand resonance)? Build a lifestyle brand (more than an energy drink; suits the activities, interests of consumers)?

Note: communication objectives related to the brand equity and are different from larger marketing objectives (e.g., market share, sales increases, profits, etc.).

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