​Questions for Paper #1​​

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Questions for Paper #1

1Q: What are the three types of democracy? (pg# 57-58)

1QA: What does Greenberg say that doesn’t fit about the three types of democracy? (pg#57-58)

2Q: Political scientist, Michael Parenti, talks about how the U.S doesn’t have a real democracy. What are his arguments/reasons, please explain (pg#58)?

3Q: Within the Concept of Wealth, how is wealth created? Who creates it? (pg# 20-21)

4Q: What does Parenti mean when talks about society being divided by the working class, and owning class? What are his definitions for owning class, or working class? (pg#20-21)

5Q: who owns America? (pg# 20-22)

6Q: How does corporate media impact the democratic process and democracy? (pg# 65-75)

7Q: What is imperialism? (pg# 173-182)

8Q: What does Parenti mean when he says, “under-development” is a myth?

  • -Reflect at the end and write about how democracy, corporate wealth, and imperialism effect your life

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