Program Evaluation: Analysis of Study Design, political science homework help

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Program Evaluation: Analysis of Study Design


Using what you have learned through the readings and discussions up to this point in the course, read and analyze the 2009 journal article “Measuring Change in a Short-Term Educational Program Using a Retrospective Pretest Design” by Moore and Tananis. After you have finished your reading of the article, formalize your analysis by addressing the following:

  • Identify the research design that was employed in the Moore and Tananis study.
  • Explain whether the research design is experimental or quasi-experimental. Support your explanation by comparing and contrasting characteristics between the two types of designs.
    • Make sure you clearly state which design (experimental or quasi-experimental) the Moore and Tananis study employs.
  • Describe and analyze the data collection efforts detailed in the study.
    • Discuss both quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • Justify any methodological recommendations for data collection methods for which you would advocate.
    • Would you recommend using quantitative and qualitative data in program evaluation? Why or why not?

Other Requirements

  • Justify your rationale throughout your assignment with information from the Moore and Tananis article as well as from your textbook readings.
  • Communicate through writing that is concise, balanced, and logically organized.
  • Communicate through writing that applies current APA style and formatting and conforms to all assignment instructions.

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