Private Security: Retail

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Private security is often correctly associated with private business, whether it is retail or not. The private security business is very large and consists of many sectors, some which we readily see–such as uniformed security guards–and some we don’t see, such as surveillance agents and those who work with technology.

Technology is taking over many functions that used to be handled by humans, both those who work in private security and those who have other types of jobs in the industry. In the videos and articles below, you will see some of the technology that is being used by private security now and read about some of the frontline issues in retail security and loss prevention. Keep in mind that when the videos and articles refer to “changes in inventory” they are in part referring to loss due to theft.

Use the information from these readings and videos to write an essay of about 2 pages double-spaced in Times New Roman or similar 12-point font. In your essay, discuss:

  • What are the emerging technologies that are shaping the retail security sector? How are they changing the way this job gets done?
  • What are the emerging issues facing the retail security sector, and how is the sector responding?


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