principle of management 7

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Welcome to Lesson 1!

The lesson is the “class” portion of the class. This is where you will put into action all that you have learned from the discussion and task. Are you ready to begin?

Since this is our first lesson, let’s take a tour of the course, then go through the discussion, task, and lesson.

Discussion 1

Task 1

Final Project Overview

Complete Company Description (Portfolio Assignment)

                        • For week one assignment, you need to choose a company that interest you with your career aspiration. Think about the company you most would like to work for when you graduate. In the past, students have chosen businesses and organizations such as Accenture, Ernst and Young, Target, Nike, Prada, the FBI, the American Ballet Theatre, Goldman Sachs, and Merck. If you really do not know where you might like to work, think about some company that you’ve heard about that interests you, or some company that has products you like. If you are considering starting your own business, choose a business that you particularly admire, and that you might use as a model for your own business. Another common aspiration is to be an attorney in a law firm. Although you may not have a specific firm in mind, think in terms of a prototype firm you can research—perhaps a firm that specializes in mergers in acquisitions in a large city or a criminal defense specialty firm. Larger, public firms will often have more information available through their website and other media.
                          Here is what you need to submit for the assignment:
                          The Company Chosen and Description
                          (~2-3 paragraphs)
                          1. Please describe the company that you are choosing. Describe the background of the company. Your assignment should be at least one page. Please include the following information:
                          • Describe the firm. How old is it? What industry (or industries) is the firm active in? What products or services does it sell? Who are its principal competitors? Is it active internationally? How many employees does it have?
                          • Who is the CEO? How long has she/he been in the position? What has been the career track of the CEO?

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