Pre-k opinion

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Is the return on investment of pre-k worth the cost? Is pre-k glorified baby-sitting? Is it better for children to spend their early years at home, cared for by family? This are some of the questions you may want to address in this week’s discussion board. (YOUR OPINION HAS TO BE PRO PRE-K.) 1 PARAGRAPH ANSWERING THIS.…………………

For the second part of the question please answer in two paragraphs

This week’s readings touch upon two hotly debated issues in NYC: selective high schools and gifted and talented programs. Both have been front and center in the news recently. As you read these articles, not only should you debate the pros and cons of each issue, but I would also like for you to contextualize them into the broader discussion we have been having about the role of education in society. For example, both topics touch on the broader philosophical issues we have discussed regarding collectivism vs. individualism, equity in outcomes vs equality of opportunity.……………………

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