Practice in Graph Design

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Practice in Graph Design

As has been discussed over the past few weeks, the design of graphs and tables is critical in determining their effectiveness in portraying the correct message. You have been exploring what constitutes a good graph or table. Now you will have the opportunity to put these skills to use. Select one of the first three exercises in the section entitled, “Practice in Graphic Design” starting on p. 287 in the “Show Me the Numbers” text. For the excercise you have selected, follow the directions in the book.

In 1-2 pages address the following:

  • Your analysis of the problem.
  • Your recommendations for improving the display of the data.

Be sure you consider (at a minimum):
1. What question(s) does the information given answer?
2. What would be the best type of graph or other display to clearly and quickly provide the answer(s) to;those question(s)?
3. What visual design features would enhance;communication of the information?


Few, S. (2012). Show me the number: Designing tables and graphs to enlighten. Oakland, CA: Analytics Press.

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