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In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation based on the scenario information below. You will use MS PowerPoint to create a 7-slide presentation. You applied for an internship job and the company wants to interview you and is asking you to prepare a presentation on why you are the best candidate for the internship. Here are the internship requirements to help you create your presentation:

  • The business is one of the companies you are considering working for when you graduate.
  • The company is seeking summer interns and is offering a paid position in your field of study.
  • The company is looking for someone energetic, detail oriented with good communication skills, and currently in school.
  • The position is a temporary position (10 weeks, 2 days per week) and offers flexible hours.
  • You must have basic knowledge of the following Microsoft Office programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Great opportunity to explore your career options. Internships are an excellent way to determine if the company is the best career option to pursue and gain some hands-on experience. Moreover, you may be offered a full time position after the internship.

PowerPoint Requirements: Prepare a 7-slide presentation that sells you, your skills and talents as the best candidate for the internship. The presentation must be personal and professional. Use the concepts and techniques presented in the textbook readings to create and format your presentation as follows:

  1. Open PowerPoint, and select a template you desire and then click on the Create button. (Blank templates are not acceptable)
  2. Slide 1: Title Slide.
    • Use the Title Slide layout and type the title “why am i the best candidate?” in the title area. Be sure that titles on your slides are properly capitalized
    • Set the font size of the title to 48.
  3. Slide 2: Objectives. Apply the Title and Content layout. Enter the objectives of the presentation.
    • Use bullets to list the objectives.
    • List a minimum of three objectives.
  4. Slide 3: Qualifications. Apply the Title and Content layout. Enter your qualifications. Make sure to align the qualifications with the internship requirement and your resume:
    • Use words that describe how your background and strengths would make you a strong candidate for the position you are seeking.
    • Use bullets to marketable experiences and abilities.
    • This section should be concise and contain action words.
  5. Slide 4: Education. Apply the Title and Content layout. Enter your Education as follows:
    • Use bullets to enter your high school education and post-secondary education.
    • You may list the degree program you are currently seeking while at Herzing University.
    • List the years of attendance, the degree conferred and the name of the school.
  6. Slide 5: Employment. Apply the Title and Content layout. Enter your employment information.
    • Use bullets to enter the to and from years of employment, position and name of the company.
    • You may use fictitious information here.
  7. Slide 6: Skills. Apply the Two Content layout. Enter Special skills, certifications or licenses.
    • List a maximum of three skills in the left content area.
    • In the right content area, insert a clip art or pictures to illustrate each skill. No videos please.
    • Resize the clip art or picture to fit on the slide and fit in the content box. Apply a picture style to the clip art or picture.
    • You may use fictitious information here.
  8. Slide 7: Conclusion and closing remarks. Apply the Title and Content layout to enter a summary in bullet points.
    • On the title area, type Why am I the best candidate for the internship?
    • On the text area, answer the question: Why am I the best candidate for the internship?
  9. Apply the following formatting throughout the presentation:
    • Set the text font in all content boxes to Arial 24-point font.
    • Apply animation to ALL text on slide 2 through 6.
    • Apply animation to the picture or clipart used on slide 6.
    • Select a transition for the entire presentation.
    • Apply a different transition to slides 1 and 7.
    • Use the Header and Footer feature to enter your name, assignment due date and the slide number in the footer area of all slides except the title slide.
    • Use the Spelling feature to check for possible spelling and grammar errors.
  10. Save your work and name it W6_last_name (replace “last_name” with your last name).

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