Power Point Presentation and Research Paper computer science homework help

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Power Point Presentation:

I need a power point presentation on the following article (Adidas Sneaker’s) which is attached in the below link.


There are many guiding principles on making presentations in the business-world. However, this assignment is structured in a manner to have you demonstrate your ability to implement some basic concepts in Microsoft Power Point 2010. For example, one recommendation is to use a single transition in your presentation; this assignment requires you to use three. Use your imagination and creative skills! However, your presentation must have all the required elements. Select a topic (person) below.


  • Cover Slide: With project title, University name, course number, your name and date of presentation (2 points)
  • Hyperlink the Iglobal University name to the actual web site (2 points)
  • Two sections (2 points)
  • Maximum 15 visible slides, minimum 10 visible slides
    • One hidden slide [Write your given name on this slide] (2 points)
    • A slide with complete reference – APA format (2 points)
  • Graphics
    • One Picture (2 points)
    • One Clipart (2 points)
    • One Word art (2 points)
    • One shape (2 points)
  • Project slide orientation – Landscape (1 points)
  • On-screen size – 16:9 (1 points)
  • One Audio only clip – Limited to 5 seconds (2 points)
  • One Video clip with audio – Limited to 5 seconds (3 points)
  • Five fonts of varying sizes and color (5 points)
  • Three Power Point transitions (5 points)
  • Three Animations (5 points)

Research Paper:

I need a Research Paper on “Cloud Computing” which should include the below mentioned points.

1. Abstract of Cloud Computing.

2. Introduction of Cloud Computing.

3. History of Cloud Computing.

4. How is Cloud Computing used today.

5. Scope of Cloud Computing in future.

6. Conclusion and Summary of Cloud Computing.

7. Include References.

Please include Title Page(1 page), Cover Page (1 Page), Body(4 pages), References(1 Page).

Strictly follow APA format and no plagiarism.

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