Please use different data mining techniques

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Go to the website of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) located at familiarize yourself with the goals and purpose of this governmental agency and how it does what it is expected to do in service to the people of the great state of Texas or people of the USA. Or go to US department of Education website located at and click on data. Now choose at least one data mining method from your Textbook that THECB or US department of education could apply to better accomplish its mission of serving the people of Texas or the people of the USA. Once you have chosen your data mining method, identify at least five variables on which THECB or US Department of Education or some other website has data or could collect data in order to apply the data mining method that you are proposing to apply for THECB or for USA. Explain how your proposed application of data mining could help students, parents of students, legislators, the governor, professors, higher education administrators, THECB or others. Your comment should be between 500 and 1000 words. Make sure to attach an Excel file of sample data to make your proposal clearly implementable. You can collect real data, if possible, or create fake sample data as necessary, and run the proposed procedure on that data to explain well how your proposed data mining method can be applied using the data you have collected or proposed to collect.

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