please modified the paper base on the suggestion from professor

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Please modified the paper base on the suggestion from professor. Use red font to label where you changed.

Suggestion from professor:

If I understand your suggestion, you want to add recording lights to

ease public concern when someone is wearing Google Glasses and/or

reducing the price by tailoring the glass to a specific market like


I start with the recording light; this is not a bad idea, however,

there have been reported cases of people being attacked for wearables

like this despite assurances that they were not recording. Simply

having the option to record is the problem that the public has with

the product. The light may be a slight improvement to the product but

I do not think that will ease all concerns.

Secondly, dropping the price is a great idea, but how do you so that

without removing features. This was not clearly stated in your paper.

Many of these technology products are working on reduced margin

initially, waiting for uptake in the market that will allow of wide

adoption. Once the case has been proven, then in selling quantity you

begin to make money. Fitbit is a classic example where many years of

financial losses have not spawned wide adoption, probably worsened by

competitors that boast higher functionality, like the Apple watch.

I agree that the product has potential, but a failed product needs a

lot of redesigns before it gets turned around. I think that is why you

struggled here. Taking a moderately successful product and making it

better is easier than a full redesign.

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