plastic in the oceans

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I choose the topic is plastic in the ocean. And can you write a outline for me?

The information in your Story Map must include approximately 750 words

The Story Map must be at least 8 slides including:

Introduction (1 slide) – an informative introduction to the topic including a clear statement addressing the environmental problem

.Body (at least 5 slides)- supporting information on the environmental issue and a presentation of your research. All information must be referenced. Your Story Map must also include at least:

2 online maps

2 images (high resolution)

1 graph or table

Note: The above items cannot come from lecture notes or e-learning modules

Conclusion (1 slide)-a summary of the topic and concluding statement References (1 slide) – a list of references used in your research. You must at least 5 sources of information. Lecture notes and e-learning modules do not count sources of information.

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