PHP Scripting computer science homework help

  1. Write out an SQL statement that creates a table called members in your mydatabase database to store information about the members of a book club. Store the following data for each person: first name, last name, age, and the date they joined the club. Insert the following five imaginary people into this table:

❑ Jo Scrivener, aged 31, joined September 3, 2006

❑ Marty Pareene, aged 19, joined January 7, 2007

❑ Nick Blakeley, aged 23, joined August 19, 2007

❑ Bill Swan, aged 20, joined June 11, 2007

❑ Jane Field, aged 36, joined March 3, 2006

  1. Write a PHP script to query the table you created in Exercise 1, displaying the details of all club members under 25 years of age.
  2. upload both the SQL code and the Php code together for grading.

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