PHP Exercise programming homework help

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For this PHP exercise, you will request an input in the first part, and responding in the second, through the magic of PHP’s if-else statement.

In the first section, give the user an input field and request that they enter a day of the week.

For the second section, you’ll need the following poem:

Laugh on Monday, laugh for danger.
Laugh on Tuesday, kiss a stranger.
Laugh on Wednesday, laugh for a letter.
Laugh on Thursday, something better.
Laugh on Friday, laugh for sorrow.
Laugh on Saturday, joy tomorrow.

Using the else-elseif-else construction, set each line to output in response to the day the user inputs, with a general response for any input that is not in the poem.

In the attached file on slide 33. Is a good example for this exercise.

* I need output file and copy the coding in one file and add in attachment

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