Personality Theorists Newsletter

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Using a PowerPoint, you are to create a “newsletter” that highlights the main ideas about the following people/theory:

1. Sigmund Freud

2. Carl Jung

3. Alfred Adler

4. Karen Horney

5. Abraham Maslow

6. Carl Rogers

7. Hans Eysenck

8. The Big Five

The main ideas that need to be highlighted for each person/theory are listed below:

Freud– 1. Levels of consciousness

2. Id, ego, and superego

3. Stages of psychosexual development- oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital

Jung– 1. Collective unconscious

2. 5 archetypes

Adler- 1. Compensation

2. Inferiority complex

Horney- 1. Basic anxiety

2. Neurotic trends

Maslow- 1. Self-actualization

Rogers- 1. Self-theory

2. Incongruence

3. Conditions of worth

4. Fully-functioning

Eysenck- 1. 3 genetically influenced dimensions

Big Five- 1. 5 trait dimensions


To earn full credit, your newsletters need to:

1. Highlight the main areas

2. Include 2-3 self-written sentences about each topic

3. Include graphics/photos

4. Use the appropriate keywords

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