part 1 should be 400 600 words in length part 2 200 500 words length

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Qustion 1. Part 1 should be ~400-600 words in length

page 77-151 of Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

At his new school, Reardan, Arnold gets to know a book-lover named Gordy, who says that “life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community” (132). How does this idea relate to Arnold’s life? Provide a variety of examples drawing from this week’s assigned reading, and be sure to incorporate (and analyze) direct quotations where appropriate.


Your primary post should include an introductionLinks to an external site. that introduces the topic and ends with a clearly worded, 1-2 sentence thesis statement. Links to an external site. Each supporting paragraph (there should be at least 3) should begin with a strong topic sentence Links to an external site.and should incorporate evidence, including direct quotations from the short stories as needed to support your argument. Direct quotations should be incorporated using the quotation sandwich method Links to an external site.and proper MLA in-text citations. Links to an external site.The post should also contain a strong conclusion. Links to an external site.

Part 2 . 200- 500 words length

Question 1. Discuss what became the focal point of women’s dress in the Renaissance?

Part 2, Question 2. The Renaissance began in Florence Italy. How long did it take for Northern Europe to adopt their fashions?

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