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Criminal Justice

What methods and techniques would be useful in a juvenile rehabilitation program to help Tony?

The suitable method for Tony’s recovery should include personal and family counseling, as well as the thorough treatment of his condition that entails addiction. The process of individual counseling will see tony identify the kind of family issue that re pushing to engage in the use of drugs. It is unfortunate that aggressive that the use of drugs is a regular thing in their family, yet he cannot explain why h has chosen the same path. Additionally, during his counseling, Tony should be subjected to the dangers that those drugs are likely to cause him. The next step should be the inclusion of the family members in the counseling to ensure that the allegation made by Tony about them, is indeed true. In most cases, a teenager can just come up with such statements, just to see them getting freed from the given problem (Straussner, & Fewell, 2015).

I believe that Tony’s family should be part of the rehabilitation program, as it is the only way that the authority will confirm the allegation of them smoking marijuana, as well as engaging themselves in habits of heavy drinking. It is a fact that most of the individual take part in the act of alcohol drinking, and we would be surprised if Tony’s family is not an exception. However, it is against the law for the adults to lure their minors to engage in the same habit of drug abuse, as it is likely to corrupt their way of thinking. More so, although Marijuana is a drug, it is illegal in most states of the US, and if one is found guilty, they are likely to face adverse jail penalties. A serious investigation should be done to help the family from such state if the allegation is indeed true.

It would be better if Tony, together with his parents remained together during the rehabilitation period. IF Tony gets taken to the rehabilitation center, there is likely to be difficulties in making arrangements for him regarding needs and all the other necessities. Additionally, the foster care will negatively affect the family cohesion, as they will no longer be able to meet often as a family. Even after they have healed from the effects, it will be a bit difficult for the family to come together due to the traumatizing experience that they would have gone through (Spector, 2013).

On the other hand, the decision to let Tony live with the rest of the family is likely not helping him fully recover from his situation. From the explanation, all the family members are facing the same drug addiction issues, which mean Tony is likely to miss the proper parental guidelines since the parents are in the same condition. More so, he is less liable to follow their guidelines, since they are already, a sort of bad examples to him (Spector, 2013).

Alcoholic Anonymous

It entails a fellowship of individuals that share the same sentiments regarding experience, strength, as well as hope to enable them to recover from alcoholism. The requirement for the membership is one’s desire to quit drinking. More so, it calls for no forms of payment as a membership fee (W, B., & Alcoholics Anonymous, 2013).

Narcotics Anonymous

It is a nonprofit, international community-based group that works for the recovery of the addicts. Its members learn from one another on how they should live a drug-free life. The organization is not limited to users only, but as well as for those who think they should help in achieving the firm’s objectives. Additionally, it has room for the alcoholics too. It focuses not only in narcotics but any particular form of addiction (Sanders, & Palgrave Connect, 2014).

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery and Rational Recovery systems entail a commercial supplier of items related to counseling, guiding, as well as the offering of directions to the alcohol addicts. Unlike the other organizations, one has to pay a certain fee before accessing their help.

Attribution Theory-Weiner

According to this school of thought, Weiner works to determine why people engage in various activities, and in this case, the drug abuse. He tries to come up with the causes of a given behavior in an individual. He claims that for the primary cause of an action by n individual to get achieved, there should be an observation in their: behavior; intention; as well as the internal and the external causes (Weiner, 2016).

In their efforts to help the addicts, the Alcohol, as well as the Narcotic Organization’s, tend to influence the change of their members through the use of the external control, as well as the internal one, through encouraging their members to take the proper action of their life. On the other hand, the Rational recovery covers all the three-stage process by giving deeper insight into the behavior, the intentional, as well as analyzing the internal and the external causes of why one would engage in drug abuse. More so, it offers help on how one can recover from the same.


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