Paper Critique for Cyber Security

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Question: BubbleNet: A Cyber Security Dashboard for Visualizing Patterns

Critique, not summary – there is a critical difference!

  • Critique maximum grade = 100, but providing a summary instead means a maximum grade = 65
  • “A critique paper
    is a paper in which you analyze and evaluate an author’s work. This
    requires you to conduct a thorough and detailed study of the piece you
    are critiquing, analyzing the
    author’s [style,] evidence, opinions, [credentials,] conclusions and
    logic.” (
  • “A summary is a
    record in a reader’s own words that gives the main points of a piece of
    writing such as a newspaper article, the chapter of a book, or even a
    whole book. It is also possible to summarize something that you have
    heard, such as a lecture, or something that you have seen and heard,
    such as a movie. A summary omits details, and does not include the
    reader’s interpretation of the original.”

WHAT YOU ARE TO DO: Write a critique of the BubbleNet research article (emphasis is on your analysis of the article); a copy the article is included with the final exam on Blackboard –> Assessments

Suggested approach
is to read article, review lecture PowerPoints, research any items you
need more information about, and then write your answer

Answer length is
750 word minimum & include word count with answer; submit only in
Microsoft Word format (no PDF); no external references need to be
included. Note: first person instead of third person writing is OK; decent grammar, please!

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