Organizational Effectiveness and Practical Reflection law homework help

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Chapter 13 of the course textbook is dedicated to the discussion of organizational effectiveness. In your own words, define organizational effectiveness and how it is measured?

This week, let us continue with the interview scenario. It is said that you should never leave an interview without asking at least one question of your interviewers. This week, identify three questions you would ask during your interview. Would the answer to those questions from the interviewers change your thoughts about working for the organization?


In my own words, I define organizational effectiveness as meeting goals or objectives for that organization. And I would measure it through metrics and post them quarterly in public. Somewhere where other people in the flight can review…everyone likes friendly competition.

The questions that I would ask is:

1.What keeps you up at night?

2.What do you expect from the positions I am applying for?

3.What would your grade your training process?

Would those questions change my thoughts of the organization? Yes! These questions sets the foundation on how this organization functions. And it depends on the pay if I want to accept and walk to another. Because I do like a challenge, and I do love a structured organization.

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