one page about civil society

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Lots of options for you to think about, discuss, and share your opinion about surrounding civil society.Things we talked about in class:

-is civil society really trending in the wrong direction – are we really (still) ‘Bowling Alone’?

-talk to your parents, and others you know, are people still in groups/organizations? why or why not?

-is technology ruining civil society?

-are online groups the same as in-person groups? what counts?

-is civil society only for old people?

-is civil society just an American thing? what about other countries/regions?

-does the trend in civil society have anything to do with the current state of American politics – Trump, polarization, political violence, ?

Do some more reading and thinking about some of these questions, write it up. Share in class.

please start you do not have to do the whole reading just part or skim it

please buddy be positive and do not talk about trump

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