Objectives Behavioral: Affective, Cognitive and Psycho-motor (2 Page Paper), health and medicine homework help

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Hello this paper about proper hand washing with school aged children (6-12 yrs), we taught them by playing a game with the germ lotion and Ultra-violent light. We first place the germs lotion on their hands and instructed them to wash their hands as if they would normally do at home, and then using the ultra light we would inspect theirs hands, showing them the germs still remaining on their hands due to incorrect hand washing, so then I would demonstrated the correct way of hand washing and turning off the sink with paper towel, then have the children re-demonstrate the same technique by trying to remember, and me observing the 3 out of 6 children get it correct the very first time, then we would use the Ultra light once more o show them the removal of germs and to prove the effectiveness of correct hand washing.  Then at the end would ask the kids which hands would the prefer the first set or the second set of hands, and most of them choose the second set. 

NOTE: Please the Teaching outline attached, its the results of what we had observed (objective data), plus it helps answer the questions, an also it has the objective listed which is highlighted. 

NOTE: (We use a lot of imagery (posters, handouts, games) due to their attention span)

NOTE: APA FORMAT / Plus Reference

Here is an idea/exampe of the video below (the demonstration and demonstration with the children):


Teaching strategies used and why you chose them 

  • Identification of the different teaching strategies used (lecture,
    demo/ return demo, role-play, gaming, etc) (2 points)
  •  Discussion of why certain teaching strategies were chosen
    for target audience (correlate developmental stage with each
    teaching strategy) (2 points) 
  • List behavioral objectives. (2 points) 
  • Describe category of behavioral objectives (psychomotor,
    affective, and/or cognitive). (2 points) 
  • Discuss how teaching strategies correlate with these
    categories (2 points) 
  • Supporting statements and references about topic included
    throughout each section (2 points)
(Please answer every question and you can choose the supporting statement and references when included it in paragraph) 

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