News Release and Print Advertisement

1. News Release

2. Print Advertisement

1. A news release worth. The backbone of any media campaign is the news release you’ll send to local media outlets announcing the opening and containing additional background information newspaper editors might find interesting to print. Keep the news release to one page double spaced (150 words). Write it like a news story since the best way to get a news release published is to make it resemble as close as possible a news story written by professional journalists (remember the inverted pyramid format). But you need a few different things in a PR news release. You have to tell the editors who to contact for additional information (your agency (choose a name for your ad agency) and a contact person, telephone numbers and address) and you should tell editors when to release the information (the most common is a line above your heading: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. You have photos of the some of the products and a logo of the place.

2. Newspaper advertisement worth.You must design ahalf-page newspaper ad. The ad will be in color.

Each part of this project will be graded on:

a. The overall appearance of the advertisements and messages

b. The clarity of the message. Does the newspaper ad reflect the product?

c. Were the instructions followed?


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