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This assignment concerns the concept of strategy (personal and/or organizational), and should involve concepts discussed in class, with specific reference to the power points posted in weeks 8 and 9 in Moodle, both dealing with organizational strategy. You are being asked to reflect on the nature of strategy and how strategy is developed. You can discuss this topic from an organizational perspective (e.g. a company or non-profit that you are familiar with), from the perspective of a club or group that you belong to (here on campus or elsewhere), or from a personal perspective (i.e. your own strategy for your career/future).

Whatever context you choose, asks yourself this question: Is the current strategy effective or is strategic change required (is the current strategy a cause for “competitive inertia”)? What needs to be done in order to answer that question? What are the most important steps in the process? Identify the main concepts that you feel are most important to consider in the development of an effective strategy. Think as expansively and creatively as possible, but in the end, try to identify a process that will allow for the development of a truly successful strategy.

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