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In order to compare individuals to a population, that population must be sampled using a standardization sample, also referred to as a norm group. This group represents the population for which a test is intended. There are a number of important considerations when choosing a test’s standardization sample, such as how large your sample needs to be and how you plan to access your participants and induce them to participate. You may also need to consider whether the participants should be representative of the general population or of a specialized sub population and how diverse the sample should be. You may have general norms or separate norms according to demographic characteristics, such as age and gender. How to address these considerations depends on the goals of your assessment and will affect the test interpretation.

A) an explanation of the three most important considerations related to sampling that you would need to address in your Final Project. Explain how you might ensure that your sample represents the population of interest.


a description of the information you anticipate collecting through your proposed Final Project instrument. Then explain how you would optimally define your sample and collect your data if you had unlimited resources. Finally, explain advantages and disadvantages of your chosen data collection method. Support your response using the Learning Resources and the current literature.

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