Mid Term Paper / impact of technology on organizations

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impact of technology on organizations— the topic I chose

I want you to complete a reflection paper of 7 full typed double spaced pages (font 12) on a relevant topic of your choice. The student is expected to fully research the selected topic, using at least four different sources (not wikipedia), and convey that information in the paper. A bibliography is expected and should not be counted as part of the 6-8 pages. The majority of the paper should be the student’s critical thinking, your viewpoint on the subject, how it relates to “real life”. Research and examples should be included.

Grades for papers are based on the individual’s understanding of the topic and how well it’s communicated in the paper. Specific considerations include: 1) clarity of content 2) effectiveness of writing mechanics 3) depth of understanding of the topic 4) critical thinking 5) examples

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