mental health

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Some of the factors that make me tend more toward mental health are having more experience in mental health in nursing, enjoying learning about psychology, and the need for more advocacy for people who suffer from mental illness. Some struggles that I face with choosing a career in mental health are increased risk of being harmed by violent patients, increased risk of emotional exhaustion, and sometimes my role as a nurse not being taken seriously as other specialty nurses because I am mental health nurse.

Since most psychiatric patients become agitated and violent if unmedicated and lack therapy. There are certain safety precautions that facilities use and ways to de-escalate violent patients. Where I work, my fellow coworkers and I were taught CPI training to properly defend ourselves in a safe manner that will not harm the patient. CPI training teaches ways to defend against physical attacks and how to properly do holds when needed without hurting the patient. My hospital does not do restraints. We try to start with verbal de-escalation first if possible and then last resort to physical holds per doctor’s order.

Sometimes there are times that being in mental health is emotionally overwhelming. If one does not take time for a proper work-life balance, mental health can take its toll on your personal mental and psychical health as your relationships and family. One must take time out to spend time with family and loved ones. Personally, I feel that if I do not have self-care first that it makes it difficult to take care of others.

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