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I have attached the readings , class lecture notes and instructions

Assignment instructions:

1. First read Kuhn and McPartland (1954) followed by Kuhn (1960) on self attitudes.
2. Take the Twenty Statement Test, and then complete the analysis of your answers as instructed on the test.
3. Read two more articles -David Demo (1992) and Carpenter and Meade-Pruitt (2008) on self-concept.
4. In light of those two articles write a short response of 250 to 500 words explaining why you agree, or disagree with Demo’s position that administering questionnaires is not sufficient to meet the challenge of measuring self feelings.
5. Return to re-rate your responses to the Twenty Statement Test (step #2 above) that Includes your critique of Demo (step # 4) .
Your submission for this week should contain the following headings:

  • Responses to the Twenty Statement Test
  • Comparative rating of responses using Kuhn’s five categories and using the Alagappa rubric
  • Discussion of the analytic efficacy of The twenty Statement Test and potential factors affecting responses – taking in to account Demo’s critique
  • Re-rated responses to the Twenty Statement Test

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