marketing question 105

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1. Entertainment


2. Social network-

People join for multiplayer online gaming such as Second Life at or chess at

Users join and visit these communities to meet others, such as for dat-

connection ( Users are willing to pay a fee to join these

connecting to meet and make friends with like-minded people. These

ing communities

ing (, getting a job (, or finding a business

communities, especially if they are large. Some sites exist purely for

include,, and many others.

These communities exist so that users can exchange goods and services

3. Trading


Examples include online auctions in the consumer market ( and

business market (, and music-sharing sites (

4. Education

These communities form around particular education disciplines, such


as Elmar for marketing educators (, education

software, or students participating in class or university discussion


5. Scheduled events When American ldol, the televised competition, invites viewers to vote


and chat online, or businesses hold online conferences, they form a

community for a one-time event.

6. Advocacy

Nonprofit communities form to influence public opinion.


formed to make a change in politics and used its community to create

and pay for television ads. According to its founder, the internet is

about listening to users, not talking to them.

allowing user posting. Examples include product reviews (,

gadget ( or SAP software ( Many companies also

7. Brano

Firms create CRM communities around their brands on Web sites by


travel experiences (, and tips for using your electronic

create branded social network pages.

Consumers post product reviews on and discuss their

8. Consumer


product experiences on Google Groups. What differentiates these from

CRM communities is their lack of brand sponsorship, and thus, they are

basically unedited opinions.

9. Employee

One example is the large network of former Microsoft employees who

use e-mail and a private bulletin board to discuss Microsoft gossip and

to network for professional purposes. and are


two important professional networks.

and bulletin board posting on a narrow topic of interest, such as


10. Special topics


In addition to the others on this list, some sites exist purely for user chat

movies, a particular automobile brand/model, various religions, and so

ading this category are Google Groups (the former UseNet) and

Yahoo Groups.

Looking at the list of 10 community types in Exhibit

8.7, name one Web company that capitalizes on

each for marketing purposes

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