literature homework 7

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Bluebeard Stories & Interpretation Practice

Like we practiced in class, you will have to support your main idea using one story from the textbook (that showcased the main idea), your observations of the world around you, and from examples of other stories, film, tv, news, etc. You cannot use any “research” or expert witnesses, just what you see and what you know.

So, to practice some more, choose one of the Bluebeard stories or any of the stories we’ve done so far and list the following:

  1. The title of the story you are using for this interpretation (this assignment).
  2. Your main idea–what do you think is true? What idea are you putting forward? (Example: “Family solidarity triumphs over stranger danger”)
    1. Where do you see that in the story? How many times? How many ways?
    2. Where have you/we seen that in life?
    3. Where have you/we seen this in other stories, films, TV shows, or other media?

Consider, if you cannot support an idea in an outline or brainstorming session, you will likely not be able to support it within the essay. Choose your idea wisely.

38 mins ago

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