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our task is to write a literary research paper on Toni Morrison’s Sula. The following steps will enable you to generate a topic and to choose your research materials.

  1. Your final project, due no later than May 12, must contain the following  components, collected  in a file:
  2. A sentence outline
  3. At least one complete rough copy which is significantly different from your final copy. Works Cited
  4. Final copy of fives pages

Follow the MLA format for all citations and your bibliography!

  1. In addition to Sula, you must use at least three secondary sources. These must consist of scholarly articles (from JSTOR, PRoject Muse or journals) or books from the library. Other internet sources, unless they have been approved by me beforehand, are not acceptable. You may also cite other texts by Toni Morrison or other relevant authors. Although most of your sources must address the novel, you may use one or two sources which deal with topics related to your project but not to the novel.

The following steps are due in this order:1)Thesis, Sentence Outline, and  March 22, 20212)Rough Copy May 1, 202013)Final Copy    May 12, 2021These are some helpful tools: 1) Prompts: for integrating quotations: see the Outline form that I sent and will post again.Papers must be a minimum of five pages. Format: 5 pages, double-spaced, font size 12one inch margins *  Avoid plagiarism by being honest with yourself and by following the proper procedures for note taking and giving the author credit for using his works.* Be cautious with long quotations.  Each citation must be incorporated into your argument, and not simply pasted in. Lengthy citations require lengthy analysis! When in doubt, employ textual analysis (close reading). *     Do not use Cliff notes, Spark notes, or other sources of this type. These should only be used as an overview to help you gain an understanding of your primary source. Students are tempted to plagiarize using these sources, so be very careful not to fall into this trap. Do not use online research papers written by other students or other professionals. This is blatant plagiarism without a doubt. *    Remember that your essay should be a scholarly interpretation supported by research and not simply a summary. Also keep in mind that this is an academic research paper and not an editorial. This requires a certain amount of scholarly and analytical distance.Pay close attention to the language and details in the text itself. Observe how the critics you use respond to the same details, and integrate these findings into your paper.

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