leveraged buyouts the case of rjr nabisco pre case review questions

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Assignment #4: Leveraged Buyouts- the Case of RJR Nabisco

Pre-case review questions

Use the following resources for this assignment.

Some background information about the buyout:

(1)Documentary: “Henry Kravis: How Corporate Titan Rocked Wall Street” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtKizreanP0

(2)“Barbarians’ Revisited (Bloomberg, April 1995)


Detailed analysis of the case:

“RJR Nabisco: A Case Study of a Complex Leveraged Buyout” (Financial Analyst Journal, 1991)

Use the following questions to guide your reading, provide brief answers for each question.

(1)What happened? List major events chronically for the case.

(2)Why is the company a good LBO candidate?

(3)What methods did KKR use to find the valuations? What was their valuation?

(4)Who was in the bid? Which bid was finally accepted?

Please submit a full2-page (not longer than 3 pages, not including references. Write clearly and straight to the point. Use the formatting guidelines: 1” margin, Times New Roman font size 12, 1.5- space.

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