Lesson plan Presentation math homework help

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Resource: The Complete Guide to Lesson Planning and Preparation in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

Create a lesson plan based on a concept from this class. Use the information shared and suggested in the Lesson Plan discussions in Weeks 1–3 and the Lesson Plan Worksheet.

Include the following:

  • Mathematics concept and state standard(s) that addresses that specific concept
  • Exact wording of the specific standard(s) addressed in the lesson
  • Explanation of the lesson activities and outcomes, including any formative and summative assessments and/or authentic performance tasks
  • Explanation of the manipulatives and how they are used
  • Technology
  • Could be a website that provides a game or practice for your students

Use APA formatting to cite any sources used. Do not directly copy a lesson from another source; avoid plagiarism by changing ideas and phrasing to make them your own.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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