Law Suit against the Council of state governments

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Hi Tony, How are you? Hope everything is great. I am suing my former employer “The Council of State Governments” for 10,000 for overtime pay that was owed to me but never paid out. I am going to attached a bunch of documents to this case. I will put 8 pages for now but if you need more, please let me know. I will pay for as many pages as is needed.

Thanks so much Tony.

My boss created a hostile work enviorment and made discriminatory comments about me. I know the statue of limitation had passed but may we could bring that up.

Also when I was let go, they blocked my emails from going through to the HR team when I was emailing them for answers. My manager had access to my time sheet and editted my time sheet when he was not suppose to.

They also asked building management to delete my swip card that would show the hours I came in for work and the hours I left the building.

Thanks so much!


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