last mile logistics in transportation research paper

Research Topic: Last Mile Logistics in Transportation

You should develop a goal in developing the research paper. This goal will also help you narrow the topic and identify where you want to focus your research.

Some examples of goals include:

1. Recognize the importance of strategic logistical issues and their relationship to attainment of supply chain objectives.

2. Measure the environmental forces, trends, and strategic issues facing organizations in both the public, private and non-profit sectors so that students can devise logistics strategies that can deal with these circumstances.

3. Apply the evolving concepts of supply chain management and how the logistics function is expanding into a larger and more proactive role in managing the complete materials cycle. Students will be challenged to devise logistics strategies that mutually support the organization’s marketing and financial efforts.

4. Recognize the importance of internal and external partnering and how logistics organizations are devising strategies where logistics plays a key role within the organization.

5. Devise logistics strategies that consider overall cost of ownership, quality, best value, and optimal inventory objectives.

6. Devise logistics strategies for use of third-party logistics service providers for fulfilling requirements.

7. Recognize trends in international logistics and what factors logistics professionals should consider in planning international logistics options.

8. Apply the broader responsibilities of logistics so that they can contribute to ethical organizational practices, meeting environmental objectives, and improve the attainment of socio-economic programs.

9. Devise a futuristic perspective of what logistics will be like in the next century by examining trends and research on the knowledge and skill requirements for the logistics in the next decade.

10. Recognize the importance of logistics in dealing with natural and humanitarian disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina or war.

11. The course goals / objects are also another source of topic ideas. As previously mentioned, these goals are not topics per se. Instead, your topic should be a sub-set to meet one of the goals. For example, a research paper topic based upon item number 2 above may be: “Comparing the logistical challenges facing for-profit organization and non-profit agencies after a natural disaster.”

Submission Requirements

The individual Paper should exemplify graduate level writing and strictly comply with the format requirements of the APA- Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2008, 6th ed). Please make sure that you comply with this manual, since points will be deducted for non-adherence. Careful attention must be given to the statement of the research question, source citations, proper listing of references, margins and headings. 10 pages of write up excluding the title page, Outline, and Reference Page.

Course Content / Logistics Activities:

Your paper should tie into the material covered in class, as well as the conferences. It should also highlight how your topic ties into the logistics activities described in your text (see pages 18-19). You should describe the interrelationships of these activities while discussing your problem area.

Evidence of Research:

Your paper should provide evidence that you’ve read the literature that’s included in the bibliography of the paper. This can be done by referencing works throughout the paper or quoting an author in the text.


As a research paper, this paper requires that you conduct a search for material. You should include at least 6 reliable scholarly references in the paper. You should use the UMUC library to find relevant research from reliable sources. You may also include non-library sources in your research from reputable sources.

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