lancome discussion questions

Two questions need to be answered:

1. Using the information from your starting point, develop a marketing strategy for Lancôme to reenter the men’s grooming market with a complete product line. Include your analysis a discussion of (a) key market segment, (b) key product categories, and (c) branding and positioning strategies.

2. Design an ad for one of the products in Lancôme’s redesigned men’s grooming line. Include in your answer the following : (a) key target market (b) core theme/positioning statement, (c) key copy points, and (d) focal visual. Defend your choices for each based on consumer behavior principles and the information on the case.

Information provided to complete discussions 1 and 2:

Lancôme withdrew from the skincare market because of their inability to understand the changing demographics and psychographic of the men’s grooming market in comparison to several competitors entering the market. And their overall approach to the men’s grooming market.

Lancôme struggled in distinguishing the different needs of men in different age groups. Younger men are more inclined to purchase body wash and facial cleanser while the older and middle-aged generation of men were more concerned with looking more youthful by purchasing moisturizers to lessen wrinkles and help with dry skin and hair coloring products to get rid of any gray hairs. Many competitors began entering the market like Nivea and Clinique, mostly focused in female beauty products as well as newer brands emerging. Axe and Old Spice have had an easier time since they were already oriented as a male-focused grooming product. Lancôme did a couple of things wrong with their approach to the new market. First, Lancôme didn’t create a new brand for men’s grooming products, instead just extended their already established products for women in what’s known as a brand extension strategy, which failed because most men saw it as just putting a label over women’s product and branding it for men. Second, they failed to get across the point of their products being younger, masculine, and confident. These mistakes are what forced Lancôme to withdraw from the men’s grooming market.

For demographics, you could use the graph to determine what group are most concerned with purchasing what products. Such as for body wash, they are more likely to be purchased by younger to middle aged men, black and Asian, married, and having a higher income. Although in determining which group Lancôme should focus more of their resources toward to reenter the market, I would look into the psychographic data which suggest the ubersexuals similar to metrosexuals who are concerned with grooming and appearance would be a better group with higher chances of success.

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