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Identify and discuss in detail the steps in a secret ballot representation election. Who initiates this process? Explain.

Your response should be at least 300 words in length.

Realizing every workforce is different, identify and discuss the four basic steps involved in launching a union organizing campaign. Does this differ in the public and private sector? Explain.

Your response should be at least 300 words in length

Case Study Read Case Study 4-1, “Salting,” on pages 155-156 of your textbook.

Then, address the following:

1.Explain how the company’s treatment of both the “covert” and “overt” salts applications for jobs compares to the recommended countersalting steps for employers.

2.Would either the “covert” or the “overt” salts in this case satisfy the NLRB ruling that applicants for employment must be genuinely interested in seeking employment before claiming protection under the NLRA?

3.Does the company’s opposition to becoming a union shop indicate that there was antiunion animus in refusing to consider the “overt” salts for employment?

Your response should be a minimum of 150 wordsper question. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

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