key questions memo 2

Please write two questions or issues you want to discuss in the class

Instead of listing your questions, please briefly explain how these questions contribute to our understanding of the article(s) under discussion. Your “Key Questions Memo” should be about one-page (single-spaced)

Climate migration

  • Nawrotzki1, R. et al. 2015. Climate change as a migration driver from rural and urban Mexico. Environmental Research Letters. 10(11)

  • Engler, S. et al. 2013. The Irish famine of 1740–1741: famine vulnerability and” climate migration. Climate of the Past, 9(3), 1161-1179.

  • Maldonado, J., et al. 2013. The impact of climate change on tribal communities in the US: displacement, relocation, and human rights. Climatic Change, 120(3), 601-614.

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