key issues

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Part A.

1. Cite three points or key issues from this week’s textbook readings that interest or surprise you the most. Why do these interest or surprise you? What could you research further on these topics to help you and other researchers better understand the instructional design strategies or technologies that are most effective in helping people learn?

2. List three potential research questions related to these three points or issues that you could potentially investigate in your own original research study on IDT issues.

Why are some teachers resistant to using technology in the classroom?

–What are teachers’ negative and positive beliefs about technology in the classroom?

–What are approaches to helping faculty and administration integrate technology in the classroom? How can school teachers in SA remote areas be persuaded to accept the idea of using technology with their students?

keyword: faculty resistance to change, teacher beliefs about technology, negative attitudes on technology, models for educational technology integration (TPAK, diffusion of innovation theory)

Part B.

In your response to your peers, discuss whether you feel their research questions would be considered “original research” and provide some feedback on their questions to help them formulate even stronger questions that would interest you as a reader and fellow researcher. Then, find at least one scholarly article on a similar topic by doing a quick check in the library databases and on Google Scholar and share the link or citation with your peer.

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