Juvenile Justice, (4-5 pages), law homework help

Read the case study below and write a 4–5 page essay that addresses the questions that follow the case study.

Case Study — Charlie:

You have been appointed three key roles in the juvenile justice system: Judge, Juvenile Police Officer, and Probation Officer.

Today in court this case was presented.

  • Charlie is a 10-year-old boy who has been charged with several counts of shoplifting at a local convenient store.

  • Charlie was caught by a juvenile police officer.

  • The total of his stolen items was over $100.

  • This is the first time he has been in juvenile court.

In juvenile court this case needs to be investigated further before assigning a disposition. To make the best decision for this child the professionals involved must work together. Write a 4–5 page essay answering the following questions. Use APA references as needed in this process.

  • What are the roles of these three key players in the juvenile system?

  • How will they work together to ensure this child gets the best possible outcome?

  • Compare and contrast how these roles are similar and different in the juvenile process.

  • Determine a final outcome for the case based on the information you have gathered.

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