J D Salinger or Willa Cather homework help

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1. Write a research paper about author J.D. Salinger or Willa Cather.

2. 1600 words minimum, MLA format.

3. You must make substantial use of at least 3 books and at least 5 articles as sources.

4. The paper should be 2 parts. The first half of your paper should be biography of the author. For the second half, find literary criticism of one or more of the author’s works, and report on what those critics say about the work(s).

5. All information except direct quotes is to be presented in your own words. In addition, turn in copy of source pages(any kind of pictorial document is fine), and highlight the sentences that you quoted in your paper. [ DO NOT just give me the link about the sources, I need specific page and sentences you used in your paper]

6. I have attached some files about the example of source pages, pls turn in your source pages like this.

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