Its a discussion board question about one of the the overview

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Start by reading and following these instructions:

1. Read the course syllabus or overview found by clicking the Syllabus or Overview link.

2. Find one real-world event or recent news story from the last 12 months that you believe demonstrates the topics covered in this course.

3. Describe this real-world event providing at least three examples of why you believe the event connects to the topics of this course. You will provide your answer by posting a response in the discussion forum using academic language and citing your source of information.

4. Read what other students have submitted and engage in a discussion to appreciate the opinions of others and gain a broader perspective of the new learning in this course. Discussions help to refine your position and answer, as you begin to think critically about the course, topics and goals. You are expected to spend roughly three hours, looking for current local or global events that align with the overall course objectives, creating your first post, reading posts others have written, and responding to others in the class.

Course Goals:

By the conclusion of this course, student will be able to:

  • Develop proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure techniques to produce well-written ideas.
  • Construct well-developed essays in the traditional style and in variations of that format.
  • Employ formal writing skills to develop essays in a coherent, scholarly manner.
  • Apply formal research and citation methodology to support the assertions contained in an essay.


  • None

Course Materials:

Required Textbook:

  • Langan, John. College Writing Skills with Readings– 9th Edition. McGraw Hill 2008. ISBN: 978-0-07-803627-9

Optional Material:

  • None

Course Structure and Calendar:

Module 1: Real World Event

Module 2: Essay Writing – Part 1

Module 3: Essay Writing – Part 2

Module 4: Patterns of Essay Development – Part 1

Module 5: Patterns of Essay Development – Part 2

Module 6: Patterns of Essay Development – Part 3

Module 7: Patterns of Essay Development – Part 4

Module 8: Patterns of Essay Development – Part 5

Module 9: Special Skills

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