IT Question3

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1. What, if anything, should we do about this
blog entry?


I think they should do nothing
about the blog entry, because it will raise more public attention to that blog
entry if they take down that blog entry, it may also bring bad effects to the
blog’s author himself and cause disharmony between IT department and other
department. But Barton and his team must make policies to make sure the IVK
staffs don’t disclose any company’s proprietary information to general


2.What should be our general
policy about blogging based on inside information from within the


The company’s general policy
about blogging should at least include: First, it should specify the IVK
employee’s blog should not disclose any confidential information of company.
Second, it should specify what scenarios will consider as information disclosure
and prescribe different level of information disclosure. Last, it should
prescribe measures and punishments to the person who disclosed information based
on different level of information disclosure.


3.What should be our process
for spotting emerging technologies and analyzing them to see how they might be
relevant to us, for better or worse?


The most effect way to spot
emerging technologies is to form a special group that periodically explore and
seek the IT emerging technologies and analyze those technologies. The group also
should periodically investigate research findings from research institute and
other companies that have successfully use emerging technologies. It can also
establish a company’s technology forum; every employee can freely speak out
their ideas about emerging technologies. IT department may receive useful
information form the

How would you respond to Bernie Ruben’s three questions about blogging and
emerging technologies?  Identify the three questions and provide a response to



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