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This is a discussion board post. Only thing that need to be done is answer the question with 250 words at the most. There are to questions I do ask that you keep them separate and site all reference that you use. I have one that is Microbiology and the other is managing stress.


Malaria was once prevalent in Europe and the USA in the early 1900s but was successful eliminated from these areas. However, malaria is still prevalent in the tropical regions i.e. parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Is it correct to say that Malaria is a disease of poverty? What biological factors make it so hard to treat Malaria. You have been asked to conduct a clinical trial of a new antimalarial drug that would cost $30 per dose once approved by the FDA. Would it be ethical to test this new drug in Africa where an average person lives on less than $2 per day?

Managing stress

In your opinion: Fables usually use animals to teach morals, behavior, and actions toward other people. We often think of fables in connection with teaching important life lessons to our children, but are fables just for children or can adults benefit, too? What fables or stories stand out to you for teaching important life lessons? Please feel free to share any that you may have used for yourself and/or with your own children.

For each of the subsequent questions, please meaningfully integrate your readings including the text, articles, videos, and module notes in our conversation with each other.

Read and select (5) five Aesop’s Fables (Links to an external site.) from the suggested list and let us consider some of the stress management lessons we can derive from these fables together.

·Which fable(s) did you find most closely related to managing stress? What was the message or lesson learned?

·What relationships did you see between the lessons learned and the different relaxation techniques covered in this module? How about other techniques and strategies learned throughout the course?

·Aesop’s Fables have endured since at least the 5th century BCE and remain relevant today. Overall, what can we learn from Aesop’s Fables about stress management?

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